Assos Sokakağzı

Sokakagzi is the name that has been given to the beach that belongs to Koyunevi village. To reach Sokakagzi first you take the road from Assos to Babakale, which takes near 10 km before seeing the Bektas signboard, the Balaban signboard, and lastly the Koyunevi signboard. You can reach Sokakagzi by using either one of those three turnouts.

The nicest road is the one following the Bektas turnout. From this turnout you will reach Sivrice first. As Sokakagzi and Sivrice share the same cove, this road is much more romantic and gives one oversight of the coastal line.

Sokakagzi has been popular among a very loyal group of Sokakagzi addicts, and therefore is considered to be a special place. There are some nice hotels, a couple of pensions, and campingsites along the beach.  Wooden tables, restaurants with tents covering it give it an authentique atmosphere. Compared to Sivrice the beach is broader and some parts even are sandy.