Assos Marina

Show Map (Lat-Lon)39.486931, 26.342052
The antique marina of Assos is a little and enchanting place. The old warehouses that have been turned into boutique hotels and the camping sites are a feast for the eyes. And even though an ancient pier is still existent and little fishery boats use it, the restaurants and small hotels give the opportunity to spend romantic evenings.

Swimming in the sea of the marina gives a relieving feeling. When one is in the sea one can enjoy the splendid view of the stone houses on the hill side and the green olive yards. One will almost  feel as if one transcends through time to mythological times.

The sea is very transparent and looks like an aquarium. As some parts of the antique marina have sunk into the sea you will find yourself swimming above them from time to time, here you can feel a bit like Jacques Cousteau!