Assos Sivrice

Driving on the road from Assos to Babakale you will reach Bektas village after 9 km. going through the village the road down to the sea takes 3 km. You will recognize the cove when you see the Sivrice Light tower.

Right in front of the light tower a beautiful hidden and unspoilt cove strikes the eye. The left part of the cove is named Sivrice, while the right part of the cove is known as Sokakagzi. Along the cove one can find a couple of pensions and hotels.

In the evening one can have a nice dinner eating fish captured the same day. Search for the simple and wooden tables situated on the old scaffolds in the sea.

The beach in Sivrice consists of a narrow and stoney beach. To enter the sea easily there are many wooden scaffolds, which give you the opportunity to swim in the most attractive sea of Assos and its surroundings.

Hidden from the eye and unknown to many first time visiting tourists, there are two little coves hidden to the left of the Light tower. To reach both one has to drive along two different roads. One cove can be reached through driving down the road of the Light tower. The road is a bit rocky, but very much worth of it.The second cove can be reached by following the directions to Sude Motel. Both coves are small but because of this even more enchanting. Here one can escape from everything and really come to peace. Swimming in these little coves gives one the feeling of being in an aquarium, as one can see straight through to the bottom. One is after light tower. It ends where there is a motel.

Sivrice is the closest place to Lesbos, and hence both during the daytime and the evening one has the feeling that one could touch the island just by reaching out.

Sivrice Light Tower also has a small but interesting library. They have more than 500 books on the subject matter of light towers. You can check the website: