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The old name for Yeşilyurt, which is famous by its boutique hotels in Mount Ida, is Büyük Çetmi. The village which is surrounded by olive and pine trees is 3km inside the shore. Indeed, it is situated on the skirts of Mount Ida so as to leave the bay underneath your feet.

Houses in the village are built with the stones which are found in the area. As it is a protected site, new houses are not built, but only restoration is allowed. In the recent years, the village let in immigrants from big cities. Stone houses have been put into use and some of them serve as boutique hotels. Most of the native villagers are Yoruk (an immigrant Anatolian tribe of Turks). Native people earn their living by olive. During the summer, they sell home-made tomato paste, tarhana (sundried foodmade of curd, tomato and flour), dried herbs, cappers, olive and various jams at the village.