Assos Harbour

Assos Harbour is one of the most attractive places in Assos area. It is a tiny town composed of narrow stone built streets. As it is a protected site, only old stone buildings are allowed to be restored. Therefore, there is no building that disturbs the harmony.

Only touristic facilities are found at the Harbor. Most of the hotels are boutique; it can easily be seen that they are renewed after careful restoration work. It is possible to go to swimming via wooden piers found in front of the hotels. The shore is full of fish restaurants. The tea garden by the mukhtar, one or two ice cream sellers, some craft stands and other details...

Ancient Harbor has its original charms. Red and green lanterns of the pier are put on the pillars of the ancient city. The ruins of the ancent Harbor can still be seen. The pier which was enlarged by the Ministry of Culture has been a Harbor for many fishermen's boats. Also, fishing on the Harbor has become a tradition in the afternoon.

The road to the Harbor is steep and curvy. In the summer, this road is closed to the traffic. Indeed, the Harbor is not suitable for car traffic. There is a car park 50m close to the Harbor. You can reach anywhere by foot from here.

Assos and Acorn Storages

Once the purlieu of Assos was covered with acorn forest. Acorn which is one of the most important elements of dye industry was exported to foreign countries from Assos Harbor during 1950's. Stone and wood warehouses were built to store acorns. Then, after the vynl was discovered for dye industry as raw material, acorn lost its importance. Since then, the native people has been using acorn trees as wood coal. There are still many acorn trees in the area. Acorn is now used to dye rugs and carpets naturally nowadays.  Today, acorn warehouses at the Harbor were restored to be used as hotels.