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Adatepe is one of the villages belonging to the Ida Mountains. It is one of those little unspoiled places that one should definitely visit. Even though it is a small place, it is very charming and due to its protected status everything has remained either in the original state or has been restored.

You can reach the village by driving up the road towards the mountain from Küçükkuyu, whlch once used to be an ancient harbour itself. When driving up the hill, you will first arrive at the road to the Zeus' Altar. On foot it is a pleasant walk of 700 metres to the top where you will see the Altar and have a magnificent view over the bay of Küçükkuyu.

Since 1989 Adatepe has attained the status of a protected archeological site. Therefore legally, all stone houses have to be kept in their original state or restored to their original form. thanks to this stone workmanship is a profession that has been preserved here.
In the past the villagers used to derive income from olives and cattle, nowadays only few villagers make their living from the produce of olives.

People who want to spend a romantic week-end in Adatepe can choose between a boutique hotel and a pension. There is not a lot of accommodation available and hence a reservation in advance can be of advantage.
On the village square a charming and authentic Turkish tea house provides full year service to visitors. Here, you can enjoy traditional Turkish tea with freshly baked gözleme in the shade of the old trees that circumvent the square. There are a couple of shops which sell locally produced olive oil and soaps.

Especially art, philosophy, or literature loving people can attend the Taşmektep. The Taşmektep has been opened in the old primary school which had been closed because of the little number of children in the village. Various seminars are provided and artists from different disciplines offer workshops.